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What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

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A home inspection is an objective, in-depth examination of a home's structure and operating systems, and should result in a detailed report describing the condition of the home. The report does not "fail" the property, nor suggest its value, nor provide advice on whether or not to buy it. Once your property is endorsed by Inspect Firstâ„¢, you can be sure that it meets the local building and construction standards.
Many property defects escape the untrained eye. If these defects remain unrectified, they may cause more severe damages in the future, resulting in expensive and unnecessary repair costs. Given the one-year Defect Liability Period (DPL), our professional inspectors help you ensure that these defects are found and reported.

An inspection report is not all that you receive when you engage Inspect First™. Before, during and after the inspection, our team aims to guide you through the process of becoming an informed homeowner, providing you with tips on how to maintain your property in the long run. 

Defect Inspections can be conducted before or after the sale of a property, on new or resale properties. However, for new properties, Inspect Firstâ„¢ advices its customers to get their homes inspected as soon as the keys are collected. Also, in order to conduct the full inspection, the utilities (i.e., Water, Electricity and Gas) need to be activated.